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Top 5 national parks in Poland by ITS Polish travel agency

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Poland by many people is regarded as still very natural and rural country. It may not be true for many regions but it is a fact that there are still many pristine areas in the country.

Poland can boast 23 national parks that are located more or less in every region of the country. They cover 1% of Polish territory. The status of national park gives an area the highest level of environmental protection.

Polish national parks divided by type of landscape

Seaside areas: Woliński, Słowiński

Lake district areas: Wigierski, Wielkopolski, Bory Tucholskie, Drawieński, Poleski

Lowland areas: Biebrzański, Narwiański, Białowieski, Kampinowki, Ujście Warty

Upland areas: Ojcowski, Świętokrzyski, Roztoczański

Mountain areas: Karkonowski, Gór Stołowych, Babiogórski, Gorczański, Tatrzański, Pieniński, Magórski, Bieszczadzki

Top 5 national parks in Poland by ITS Polish travel agency

  1. Białowieski National Park
  2. Tatra National Park
  3. Biebrzański National Park
  4. Słowiński National Park
  5. Karkonoski National Park

Białowieski National Park

It is the only natural area in the country that is enlisted at the most prestigious Natural UNESCO World Heritage List and it protects the forest complex situated in the transition between the boreal and temperate zone and represents the last remaining primary deciduous and mixed forest in the European Lowland. The animal symbol of Białowieski National Park is European Bison that lives freely in the area. ITS Polish travel agency recommends staying a day or two in this area to sightsee Natural History Museum of the park in Białowieża, take a guided tour in the park and visit interesting Białowieża village with traditional wooden architecture.

Tatra National Park

It is probably the most popular national parks in Poland as it protects the highest mountain range in Poland the Tatras. The main characteristic of the area is the fact that the mountains here have alpine character with temperature and vegetation zones. Tatra National Park is famous for its walking routes of diverse difficulty that fit tourist with various levels of stamina. The most popular routes include the ones in Kościeliska and Chochołowska Valleys and peaks of Giewont, Kasprowy Wierch and Rysy. Other popular trails include sightseeing of mountain lakes such as Morskie Oko or Five Pond Valley. ITS Polish travel agency states that it is really worth also to discover the highlander culture in Zakopane’s town and to taste traditional highlander’s cuisine with legendary Oscypek sheep cheese.

Biebrzański National Park

It is the biggest national Park in Poland and a marshland of European importance. It is a paradise for all bird watching enthusiasts. It is the largest, longest and wildest national park in our country. The heart of the park is 160-kilometer long Biebrza River, which spreads over huge areas of the reserve. It is the best natural home for approx. 270 species of wetland birds and 50 species of mammals, which attracts many naturalists and ornithologists to these areas. ITS Polish travel agency states that summer vacation is a great time for rafting on the Biebrza river. Swamps and backwaters are much less extensive, which make it possible to enter certain places that are inaccessible in other seasons of the year.


Słowiński National Park

It is the seaside national park that is the kingdom of sand and moving dunes. Every time you get there the landscape may differ as the dunes move all the time due to sea winds. Still, each time you get there you may have the feeling of being on a desert. The mobile dunes can reach a height of over 30 meters above sea level. This biosphere reserve here focuses on the protection of coastal aeolian processes and mobile sand dunes which are among the most active and extensive around the Baltic Sea. ITS Polish travel agency advices to start sightseeing in Łeba town and also apart from the dunes to visit Sarbsk Sea Park to widen your knowledge about sea creatures.


Karkonoski National Park

It protects the most spectacular part of Polish Sudetes. The main touristic attractions include: waterfalls of Szklarka and Kamieńczyk; summits of Chojnik, Szrenica, Śnieżka, Śnieżne Kotły; Upy marshes and Mały Staw pond. When it comes to flora, the park boasts more than one thousand various species. Among fauna species there are 40 mammals and there is also a curiosity: a moufflon which was especially brought from Corsica. The park offers 120 km of tourist trails, 17 km of ski runs, and 2 ski lifts. Sightseeing this area is a must for all tourists that sightsee the south-west part of the country. ITS Polish travel agency highlights that Szkalrska Poręba town the most popular resort in the area is also mineralogical capital of the country, so it is a great place to purchase a stone or mineral souvenir.


The above-mentioned national parks show the diversity of landscapes and natural gems of Poland. We heartily recommend including these areas in your tours around Europe and Poland in particular. If you need any help in planning or organising your group’s stay in this country and visiting the above-mentioned places contact our renowned specialists from ITS Poland. It is the Polish travel agency that you can really relay upon with all your trip details.

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