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Some history: New Lenovo With Renewed Tenacity

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Lenovo history Lenovo history

While we will not find the thinklight on the edge series,there is already a model that accompanies a backlit keyboard. Some can not actually find this model and its sibling,the s10-3,overtly exciting,but both have swell features such as veriface to replace the comfort and security password,location tool maplife and instant-on that allows us to commence working just seconds after we place and power the computer up.

Not astoundingly,lenovo won an award for this distinguishable design during last january’s annual consumer electronics show in las vegas. It tells us that the notebook is working. The tablet pc uses an arm processor and runs a customized skylight os. Whatever we create on the tablet can be accessed by the full-featured notebook.

Thinkpad edge series

And then there is the new thinkpad edge series with a black,red or white top. Among the world’s providers of computers,lenovo seems to have failed to systematically maintain its presence in indonesia in the past. By the way,both of these intel atom n470 netbooks come with a whopping 320-gb hard disk. 5-inch full-hd screen. Thinkpad fanatics,me included,can find this a bit hard to accept,as we at all times expect the swell notebook lines to come in only box-like black casing.


Lenovo Z5 Pro - video

Smartphone without a keyboard

If we do not need the keypad,we can just take the screen allocation out of its shell and it becomes a touchscreen smartphone. The hybrid is a bit thicker and heavier than the mainstream thin and light category,but,hey,it’s two computers in one. One model that I liked was almost like the hybrid notebook. The all-in-one,which they call ideacenter,is somewhat like the imac,in which the cpu is placed right behind the monitor or in the base. Here are the scoops:first,there was s10-3t,a netbook that could be converted to a tablet pc.

The most conspicuous and impressive is perhaps the swoop and range of products that this computer seller is bringing to indonesia. There were some intense syndication efforts,including a small amount of roadshows,but then the brand would fall into the background in a market so mostly overshadowed by the two giants acer and hewlett-packard. If we want a tablet pc,we can remove the multi-touch screen from its shell. What regarding the information? not to worry,i was told. Lenovo has a series for home consumers and another for commercial users.

Spill-resistant keyboard

This includes a spill-resistant keyboard,which now has a contemporary design. They were the first smartphones from lenovo. Too bad,some of the thinkpad features that I adore,such as the enlarged escape and backspace keys,aren’t found in the edge series. If we want a notebook,just insert the tablet back into its shell and we have an intel notebook with windows os. If we want.

I guess the freshest engineering science idea is found in the hybrid model,the ideapad u1. To be officially launched in april,this very light gadget can be viewed as a large smartphone. The two computers can be synced easily. It can be viewed as one notebook with two processors,two batteries and two operating systems. Their logistic infrastructure has been toned up,their service network is being conventional across the islands,and new stores are being opened.

Attack on Indonesia!

But in the past few years,lenovo was busy doing some preparation to launch a fresh attack on emergent markets,including indonesia. Lenovo has gotten rid of wanton and unnecessary indicators such as the one that tells us the hard disk is spinning. The highly shiny,red finish looks swell and feels nice,too. The ideacenter a300 claims to be the thinnest all-in-one in the industry today,and has a 21. While most notebooks have four square nooks and corners,this one has rounded nooks and corners at the palm-rest.

One noteworthy new store is the think store in mangga dua,where thinkpad lovers will be capable to check out the full swoop and range of the most recent offerings. But lenovo promises that besides these,the notebooks will hushed and still allocation the legendary durability and reliability of earlier thinkpads. One thing I love regarding the design of the new series is the glowing red dot on the thinkpad logo. And then there was the skylight smartbook that was designed rather tastefully. There were also android-based smartphones on showcase,too.

Strong and durable housing

The casing is illustrative and typical lenovo,strong and sturdy. I also had the opportunity to see and get my hands on some of the new products,which were either launched not so long ago or were showcased as a soon-to-be-released product. The edge series is intended for the smb segment. And there are the all-in-ones,which now have become a preferent choice equated with the box and monitor type. Last week,after a full-day event with its channels,i had the time and opportunity to consultation chen shaopeng,lenovo’s senior vp,and howie lau how sin,the company’s gm and executive conductor for asean,as well as a small amount of other executives. If you dont wanna pay this cash you can use paydayfinanciallenders for a easy way to get this notebook.


That's how it was in 2013 :)


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