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Startup Accelerator Programs: this is what you need to know

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According to the latest reports, there are thousands of startup accelerator programs globally, and their number is increasing every year. Finding the best fit can be challenging for a business.

If you are considering applying to an accelerator program or choosing which one to attend, this article will provide you with overall guidance. We explain in detail how to choose the right accelerator company, in addition we provide insight into the following: What is the difference between a business incubator and a startup accelerator? How does a startup accelerator program work? What are the benefits of participating in such a program? Ready? Let’s dive in!

What is a startup accelerator?

A startup accelerator - also called a seed accelerator - is a mentorship-based, comprehensive business program that provides education, networking opportunities, and professional development possibilities to early-stage, growth-oriented startup companies. Ideally, the business will be investment-ready by the end of the program. 

Who are accelerators looking for?

Startup accelerators select businesses for the program with diverse requirements. Some set a geographical limit to the range of the applicants, others choose based on the company's mission (e.g., environmental sustainability-conscious startups). In general, startup accelerators prioritize businesses that can be coached, where the business owner is eager to learn and the product or service is market-validated. 

Startup accelerator vs. business incubator - the difference

Startup accelerators indeed have several similarities with business incubators: both provide professional support to start-up businesses that aim to grow and develop. The main difference is the stage of business they support.

Business incubators focus on very early-stage startups that often still need to create a product idea and a business plan. Incubators offer essential resources to startup companies such as free office space, supplies, mentorship, a supportive environment, and the opportunity to network with funding sources such as angel investors. 

A startup accelerator program - as its name indicates - accelerates the development of startup businesses that already developed their business concepts and have market-validated products or services. Accelerators build a professional ecosystem and community while providing skilled mentorship and access to potential investors at the end of the program. 

How to choose the right startup accelerator company?

The accelerator program prepares the startup owner to take the business to a next level in a short amount of time. In order to get the most out of the opportunity, we recommend choosing a program that is experiential and straight to the point. It is important that the training sessions are practical and provide opportunities for further development with mentors and industry experts. Besides, it is essential that the startup accelerator program gives possibilities for networking and professional exchange of ideas. Last but not least, a critical aspect in choosing an accelerator company is that the startup can identify with the program's ideology and mission.

Benefits of joining a startup accelerator program

Joining a startup accelerator program comes with multiple benefits to get a business to the next level:

Learning and growth accelerated

Startup accelerator programs provide opportunities for entrepreneurs to learn and develop essential business skills at a high pace. Participants can acquire or deepen their marketing, financial, sales, communication, and in some cases, technical knowledge in a very short amount of time. 

Comprehensive support from mentors and industry experts 

An accelerator program has a wealth of knowledge gleaned from the years of experience and talents accumulated by mentors and industry experts. This extensive wisdom helps startup owners to grow and learn faster in a more planned and strategic manner.

Supportive community and professional networking

Running and upholding a startup company is a challenging and often lonely journey. Accelerator programs rely on cohorts and build an ecosystem where both professional support and business relationship building are possible. These are crucial opportunities for an early-stage business.

Access to investors

Access to venture financing is another key advantage of participating in an accelerator program. The ultimate goal is to make startup companies investment-ready by the end of the project and connect business owners with potential investors.


Startup accelerator programs provide fast and professional development opportunities for early-stage companies. It is a high-intensity learning and growth project that shortens what would take years to a few months. The programs are increasingly differentiated, so it can be a challenge for startups to choose the most suitable one for them. We hope that our above article provided helpful information on the subject.

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