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Databases – the foundation of every website

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Surfing the web is so natural today that we do not even think twice when we use the Internet.


The web has become a tool we use every day, which is why we often do not think about how today's websites work and why databases are so important. Interestingly, even when we buy the cheapest hosting from any developer, we have access as part of such hosting to a database that ordinary users simply do not use. How do databases work and what exactly are they?

Why are databases the basis of today's Internet?

Today, creating websites has become extremely simple due to increasingly new CMSs. Using WordPress, anyone is able to create a well-functioning website after a short period of training. Thanks to this, you do not need to know complicated coding methods, but it is worth emphasizing that it is good to know how today's websites work. A database is a collection of information based on which a website can function properly. We can compare it tohard disk where all the necessary data is located. A database allows sites to operate exactly as their developers intended. Thanks to databases, it is now possible to create huge online stores that contain thousands of products, and information about them, as well as about how many customers have bought a given product, is contained in the database.Moreover, it is difficult to imagine today's Internet without databases, because every website today is complex and does not resemble simple pages from two or three decades ago. Among the various databases, MySQL is the most popular today and is now used for most CMSs, such as WordPress.

Database tools – why are they so important?

Modern databases can contain huge amounts of information, which is why managing such a large number of records requires appropriate tools, such as metadata repository tools. For this purpose, specialized for exploration catalogs are created, in which programmers can choose from a variety of professional database management tools. Today developers use a lot of new and innovative tools, because modern websites are advanced, fast, and attractive.

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