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Tired of tangled cables? Metal cable grommets to the rescue!

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Metal Cable Grommets - Furnica Metal Cable Grommets - Furnica

Cable grommets are accessories that allow for free cable routing, as well as masking the openings intended for their placement.

Many pieces of furniture intended for the use of electronic devices have special cutouts through which cables can be passed. They have been designed primarily for your convenience so that you would not have to worry about constantly hooking the cables, which could even damage your furniture. This solution also allows you to maintain aesthetics as the tangled cables often spoil the effect of order the room. Such cutouts can often be found, among others, in TV cabinets and in desks. Therefore, if you have one of these pieces of furniture and you want to take care of the aesthetics in the room in an even better way, it is worth investing in a furniture cable grommet.

Solid and elegant

Our online store offers cable grommets of various diameters so that you can choose one that fits your furniture. The most common variants are those with a diameter of 60 mm and 80 mm. Cutout of these sizes are usually used in furniture, so it will be easy for you to find the right one. Square, rectangular and oval grommets are also available, which will also suit slightly more non-standard furniture. High-quality metal from which Furnica cable grommets are made will allow you to use this product for years in a safe way for your furniture. Aesthetic finish will make your office space look neat and elegant, thanks to the ability to keep cables out of sight. You may also choose from five different colours: satin, chrome, black, brushed steel and silver, in order to perfectly match the cable grommet with your interior design.

How to install a metal cable grommet in your home?

It is easy! You don’t need any extra tools or equipment for the installation of your cable grommet on your furniture. All you need to do is to manually stick your cable grommet to a desk or other furniture and you can enjoy the perfect order in the desk wiring.Metal Cable Grommets - Furnica

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