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IP access control units – an effective way to increase security

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 IP access control units IP access control units

Security is nowadays a key issue. Access by unauthorized persons to places such as company headquarters is extremely dangerous and can have very far-reaching consequences.


Therefore, safety and ensuring an effective method of filtering who enters the building is essential. Today's technologies allow to secure access to buildings in the most effective way, i.e. by identifying individual visitors/employees. What are the most innovative solutions today?

The highest level of security and control

In the past, to enter a company building, all you needed was to observe how often security guards change. It was an extremely defective system, which is why there were often intrusions by people who should not enter the building in any case. Also, during such uncontrolled intrusions, sensitive data was often stolen. This was mostly done by competitors who tried to gain an advantage in a dishonest way. IP access control units have successfully set a new standard in protecting places such as office buildings, company headquarters, and large corporation buildings. This allowed to introduce a very effective method of verifying who enters the building. Moreover, security intercoms enable the internal locking of certain doors or entire levels inside the building. This allows to effectively control people who are not authorized to enter all rooms. Such far-reaching security measures are aimed at providing the best security for both employees and company secrets, which are often more valuable than gold.

The most popular access control devices today

When it comes to IP control units, 2N is the clear market leader. Their products are characterized by the highest quality and the latest technological solutions. There are several types of access control devices that significantly increase security. These are:

  • RFID readers – you can scan cards with an RFID chip,
  • Bluetooth and RFID reader – uses both Bluetooth and RFID technology,
  • Fingerprint reader – unlocks the door by scanning your fingerprint,
  • Keypad – the traditional method of entering a code.

As you can see, there are many effective ways to protect your building against uninvited guests. It is worth choosing products from 2N because they are known for their highest standard of quality.

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