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Assertive Communication Worksheets

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How you communicate with the people around you is vital. This is true when you’re at home, at work, or out and about with your family and friends.

And you might be aware that there are many different communication styles that you can utilize, depending on your current situation. And one such approach is assertive communication, which is extremely effective when you expect people to listen to you and respect what you say. We explore the concept in more detail below.

What is Assertive Communication?

Assertive communication is all about getting your point across in a way that people respect. Crucially, it’s not about being aggressive or instilling fear in your audience, being assertive is concerned with making a convincing and compelling point while ensuring people take notice. Anyone who is able to master assertive communication will find that they’re able to effectively contribute to discussions and enjoy respect from their audience. Some characteristics of assertive communicators include:

  • They’re confident in their own abilities
  • They respect other people and contrasting opinions
  • They validate other’s feelings by showing respect and compassion
  • They are good, active listeners
  • They’re problem solvers and are willing to compromise where necessary

Why is Assertive Communication Important?

Assertive communication is an extremely valuable way to keep in touch with other people, and it’s applicable to so many areas of life. Assertive communication is beneficial in the workplace, in sports and various activities, and even when communicating with your family. The ability to be assertive and convincing enables you to make your point with conviction, while respecting and understanding where other people are coming from.

If someone is too aggressive in their communication, it often leads to people ignoring them or losing respect for them. The same is true if they deliver messages without any meaning or passion. As such, assertiveness is very much a middle ground and strikes the perfect balance between convincing someone while respecting their opinions. If you’re able to practice and perfect your assertiveness, you will find that your communication will improve as a result.

How Do Assertive Communication Worksheets help?

Although assertive communication is incredibly valuable, it’s not something that everyone is born with. To be an effective communicator is a skill, and like other skills it needs to be worked on and perfected over time. Developing your assertive communication skills will benefit you in so many aspects of your life, as we’ve already introduced. And while you can practice by considering the way you interact with people on a daily basis, this might not be enough for everyone.

As such, completing assertive communication worksheets and completing various tasks designed to improve the way you communicate with others, is likely to help you see the desired results. After all, learning how to be an assertive communicator won’t happen overnight, so completing worksheets and turning to various other sources for inspiration will certainly help you out.

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