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Application security – the foundations of modern software development

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Applications accompany us every day and we do not even think about the fact that we use them all the time.

Today, smartphones base their operation on applications, because no one can imagine performing certain activities in the browser anymore – there are dedicated applications for this. It is for this reason that the software development market has grown to gigantic proportions. Why is application security most important today?

There is an app for everything

Two decades ago, the word "application" was associated more with law studies than with telephones. Today, smartphones have become handheld mini-computers, without which it is difficult to cope in the modern world. Online banking has successfully pushed out traditional forms of banking – transfers in bank branches are now performed by almost only seniors. Applications have also completely changed the world of shopping, because the vast majority of important players on the market today have their own application through which you can make purchases.

Therefore, the demand for the development of good and intuitive applications is constantly growing. From the user's point of view, such an application should be as intuitive as possible to make its use quick, easy and pleasant. On the other hand, there is the security of user data and the technical side of all processes in the application, therefore, reconciling these two approaches to the application is not as easy as it may seem.

Why do modern applications need to be maximally secured?

Cybersecurity plays a major role today, due to the increasing audacity of cybercriminals. The digitalization of all aspects of our lives makes us quite vulnerable to cyber attacks. Hackers usually use vulnerabilities in applications to steal user data and later their money from bank accounts.

It is for this reason that it is so important to have the highest level of security already at the stage of application development. Therefore, all developers building applications from scratch must constantly update their knowledge. Courses and trainings on e.g. angular login page and angular patterns allow for the maximum increase in application security by providing the latest information about cybersecurity. Anyone can be a developer today and it may seem difficult to find professionals at first glance. Contrary to appearances, it is not that difficult, because professional developers are very knowledgeable about cybersecurity and do not only focus on the UX of the application.

This is especially important today because a huge amount of sensitive data passes through a multitude of applications, which is a great opportunity for all kinds of cybercriminals. Attacks on application users are becoming more frequent, which is why it is so important to regularly train developers and use the services of professionals who will build and properly secure the application.

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