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What is a proxy gateway for?

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A proxy gateway is an application that acts as an intermediary for browsing web resources. The associated software performs certain operations to download on behalf of the user and display the content of web pages.

The company offers services for selling personal proxies. You can use them in a variety of situations. The service guarantees unique conditions and a sufficient number of positive properties for the client.

How proxy works

When you send a request to receive a page (specifying the address of the page to display), only the information about the address of the gateway server is sent to the target server, not its user. Thus, the client is isolated from the target server. This means that the proxy gateway allows you to change the IP address that we see on the Internet, masking it with the IP address of the gateway.

At the moment, the services provided are used by a huge number of clients. The service opens up completely new working conditions and increases anonymity. Using a proxy is fully justified.

What to look for

The servers hosting the proxy gateways are often protected by a firewall that limits attackers or malware from attacking. In addition, the gateway application provides tools to filter data before displaying it:

  1. URL encryption masks the URLs of the pages being viewed. Allows to bypass some blocking of filtering pages after URL
  1. Encrypting the page avoids filters that check the content of the site code. The data uploaded by the gateway is encrypted by the server, displayed and encoded on the user's side using JavaScript.
  1. Automatic removal of javascript and flash objects protects us from intrusive ads and viruses. An additional benefit of cleaning up scripts is significantly faster page loading (less data to load) and page rendering (less CPU load).

The ability to disable / enable support for cookies, they often store additional information about the site user, for example, to track his behavior. However, some interactive sites require cookies to work properly. You can get acquainted with the terms of work with this service at any convenient time. You can also consult with experts who will introduce you to all the nuances.

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