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How to build an efficient platform for big EO data processing?

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Formerly, Earth Observation systems have been operated mainly by governments and public organizations. Nowadays, thanks to the evolution of information and communication technologies, modern solutions are more accessible to private entities.

Are you running a business in this field? Learn more about how to build an efficient platform for big EO data processing!

Why do you need an EO data processing platform?

Earth Observation initiatives generate enormous amounts of data. CERODIAS, one of the European DIAS (Data and Information Access Service) platforms, processes more than 20TB of data per day. Traditional solutions simply are not applicable in these terms. However, only the biggest companies can afford to create and run their own IT infrastructure that could be usable. 

EO data processing platform serves as a common data repository and offers cloud computing resources. It not only collects and archives data but also processes it into a form that can be used for research or business purposes. This solution not only saves a lot of time but is also secure (low level of risk thanks to expert support), scalable, and profitable.

Key features of the big EO data processing platform

Big EO data processing platform should be an easy-to-use repository with a range of applications and services, which allow users to search, view, and process satellite data, such as VHR photos. This kind of environment favors science and business development because is accessible and cost-efficient. 

Functional, advanced EO Platform should provide:

  • convenient data access,
  • processing abilities similar to the leading public clouds,
  • dynamic data cubes,
  • possibility to create own applications,
  • interfaces easy to use for different user groups,
  • scalability,
  • customer support.

All that services should be available in various several billing models, from pay per use to long-term contracts. In that way, companies can store, process, and use valuable data in the best way possible.

More information about how big EO data is stored and analyzed can be found here:

How to build an efficient platform for big EO data processing?

An efficient platform for big EO data processing can be built only in collaboration with experienced cloud services provider, that specialize in this field.

CloudFerro operates and develops the CREODIAS platform on behalf of the European Space Agency, as part of the Copernicus program managed by the European Commission. Solution like this create an environment, which gives users access to diverse remote sensing data and computing resources.

By making every effort and using knowledge and experience gained from previous projects, the company strives to professionally provide support in the area of storage and computing of massive amounts of EO data. Products and solutions offered by the company are remote, broadband, scalable, and cost-efficient. 

More information on big EO data processing and the full CloudFerro offer can be found at: