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Advertising evolves and so must you: 5 new approaches to advertise your brand

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It’s been a while since a simple tagline was enough for a brand to sell. Slogans are still important, but nowadays, the means of communication and the emotional approach, based on the most granular research on your audience are the key to success.


No more sexist, racist or simply tasteless advertising ideas - they are obsolete and doomed to fail, as the public becomes more and more educated. No more mass advertising, that’s outdated too, as every customer is unique. No more intuitive tactics, as every step in your marketing strategy should rely on data and data only. 

So what’s the right approach in 2022? What are the trends and what should you know, in order to promote your business and heighten it on the top of the industry you activate in. Here’s five new approaches to advertise your brand:

  • Say “NO” to paper and go digital

Remember the days when you would get flyers all over the place, from the metro station, to the traffic lights at the most crowded crossroads? The days when you’ld see posters on every trash bin and pole? Well, those days are gone. Nowadays, you’re a few clicks away from a Times Square billboard, with digital out of home advertising services. You can order Lamar outdoor advertising from the comfort of your own office or even home. So trust the new technology and befriend with digital billboards that you can book with a scroll and a click.

  • Say “YES” to artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is making baby steps to take over the world. Statistics show that more than a half of the world’s internet users have already interacted with it, through AI chatbots installed on websites and mobile applications. Artificial intelligence is also used for fine tuning most of the content shared on social media. These self-taught complex algorithms are the best solution for testing and decision making backed by data. It’s also cost effective and checks a precision humans couldn’t dream of. So if you’re a marketer or advertiser, you’d better befriend this new technology.

  • Go wild with augmented reality

“Augmented Reality is an interactive experience of a real-world environment, where the objects that reside in the real world are enhanced by computer-generated perceptual information”, according to Wikipedia. Therefore, augmented reality is a cool mix between the real world an a virtual one, which allows users real-time interaction, while providing them a 3D experience. AR might even overrun AI in terms of market share, as experts say, precisely because it enhances the consumer experience in such a colossal way.

  • VSO (voice search optimization) is the new SEO

Voice search gains ground every day. More than 50% of teenagers are using it on a daily basis. 20% of the households in the US own a smart speaker. And Google is improving their own voice search accuracy as we speak. Try to look at this from the consumer perspective: would you rather type or talk? 

  • Programmatic advertising for the win

Forget about advertising proposals, price quotes and negotiation techniques. Programmatic advertising uses precise algorithms and automatic machines for ad buying. Its advantages count more specific audiences, quick automations, higher conversion rates and lower acquisition costs, when it comes to new customers. 

Whether you’re a product/ service brand or an advertising agency, you must keep up with the trends. From artificial intelligence to programmatic ad buying, there are some improvements you could certainly make for your company or your customers.

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