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A trip from Kraków to Zakopane? Why not!

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A trip to Zakopane A trip to Zakopane pixabay

Tourists who come to Kraków want to admire the city in the first place, but once they have, they are looking for something more to see. Standard tourist destinations include the Salt Mine in Wieliczka or the Museum in Auschwitz, but some are willing to go one step further and choose Zakopane. See why it’s a good idea.


Funicular to the Gubałówka Mountain

Most of you associate cable cars with a little box hanging on the line high above the ground. You will find cable cars like this in Zakopane, too, but one of them is different, because the funicular is actually sliding to the top along the rails on the ground. It’s an exciting experience, especially for kids, who are terrified to look at the wagon coming right at them from the opposite direction. But rest assured, the journey is perfectly safe - halfway through there is a special loop where both wagons can pass.

Beautiful view of the Tatra mountains

The panorama of the Tatra mountains from the top of the Gubałówka mountain is a breathtaking view. Giewont, the peak you can see in the foreground, is the most characteristic point of this panorama. The ragged peaks are covered with snow for most of the year. This view is awe-inspiring, terrifying and it proves the immense power of the nature. But this view will appeal not only to the enthusiasts of mountain trips. This is an unforgettable experience for all those who like to appreciate the wonders of the nature.

Local folk culture

A trip to Zakopane wouldn’t be complete without visiting stores with local products. You will find many of these at the foot of Gubałówka. Local products include elements of traditional outfits, local food, such as oscypek - cheese made with sheep’s milk, honey or fruit jams, as well as clothes made of sheepskin and wool. This is a place where you can feel the traditional mountain vibes and listen to the local dialect, which is actively cultivated and widely spoken in the Tatra mountains.

Traditional cuisine

When visiting Zakopane, you might feel tempted to try local cuisine in one of the numerous restaurants. Sour cabbage soup, highland cakes known as moskole, or roast lamb are just a few dishes you can try in the Tatra mountains. It’s good to jump at this opportunity, so that you can learn more about the local cuisine and tradition.

A walk in the valley

But Zakopane is more than just the city and the mountains. You can also take a trip to one of the beautiful valleys. The most popular ones include the Chochołowska or Kościeliska Valley. You don’t have to be super fit to take a trip like this. These routes will appeal not only to hikers, but also to those of you who don’t walk much.

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