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10 Japan Top Universities and Reasons Why It’s Worth Applying to Them

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An increasing number of high school graduates decide to apply to universities abroad. Apart from Europe and the United States, more distant directions such as Japan are also gaining popularity.

Why should you consider this country and what makes studies there so special? Keep reading to discover 10 Japan’s top universities!

Japan - what should you know?

Japan is a country with a population that exceeds 125 million people. The official language is Japanese and the currency is the Japanese Yen. Tokyo is the capital city of Japan, and the climate varies from subtropical in the south to temperate in the north. 

The Japanese terrain is mostly mountainous with coastal plains, and the country is highly industrialized with a very high human development index, which makes it an ideal destination for international students.

The main exports of Japan are automobiles, electronics, and machinery. Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka are cities that enjoy the greatest popularity among tourists and can boast having Japan's top universities.

Why is it worth studying in Japan?

There are many reasons why it’s worth applying to Japan’s top universities. The most important advantages include:

  • World-class education - Japan is home to some of the best universities in the world, including the University of Tokyo, Kyoto University, and Hokkaido University. These institutions offer a top-quality education that can compete with the best in the world.
  • Research opportunities - the country is a global leader in many fields of research, such as robotics, nanotechnology, and semiconductor manufacturing. As a student in Japan, you’ll have the opportunity to work with leading researchers in your field and gain valuable experience.
  • Economic opportunities - Japan is the world’s third-largest economy, and it offers many opportunities for students who want to start their careers after graduation. Japanese companies are known for their high-quality products and services, and they are always in need of talented individuals.
  • Cultural experiences - it’s a unique country with a rich culture and history. As a student in Japan, you’ll have the opportunity to experience this culture firsthand and learn about the country’s customs and traditions.

10 Japan’s top universities

The list of Japan’s top universities includes:

  1. The University of Tokyo
  2. Kyoto University
  3. Osaka University
  4. Tokyo Institute of Technology
  5. Tohoku University
  6. Nagoya University
  7. Hokkaido University
  8. Kyushu University
  9. Waseda University
  10. Keio University

The takeaway 

Studying at Japan’s top universities gives high school graduates an unprecedented opportunity to explore a completely different culture, braoden their horizons, and acquire valuable skills that will help them gain a competitive edge over market rivals.

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