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What is Android Automotive OS and How Automotive Companies Can Use The Operating System

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An operating system is necessary to manage computer hardware and software. Now, when the automotive industry is defined by software, it is also an essential computer system for car manufacturers, OEMs, and automotive service providers.

While automakers work on developing innovative solutions, we take a look at AAOS, the latest version of solutions provided by Google Automotive Services.

What AAOS brings to the automotive market

As modern vehicles become IoT devices using connectivity services, easy access to the internet, and constant exchange of data to improve customer experience and constantly deliver a newer version of the infotainment system, every car manufacturer needs to provide more innovative services than air conditioning or a simple safety feature.

Ford, Honda, PSA, GM, and more of the top automotive brands announced that they are going to enable their cars to use Android Automotive OS. Once enabled by leading car makers, AAOS encourages developers to build applications joining Google Play Store. Like the smartphone market earlier, cars have become some kind of platform allowing automotive enterprises to sell additional features. For end-users, it comes to richer infotainment offerings. Content providers gain another channel to provide their services. But automotive enterprises can achieve the most - exploring new business models, enhancing customer loyalty thanks to a new release of demanded features, and building partnerships with 3rd party companies.

What to keep in mind when starting with AAOS and Google Automotive Services (GAS)

While implemented by some of the most innovative automotive enterprises, Android Automotive OS and GAS still generate some challenges, that every android developer has to keep in mind before setting up the project of building an app for AAOS.

Firstly, lack of documentation as the android automotive for cars is not as mature as technologies for android phones. Also by providing communication channels and a transparent road map for AAOS development, Google could have made the developer's job easier. Furthermore, as end-users prefer user-friendly interfaces, GAS UI doesn't allow for many improvements. Often reported by developers is Google's focus on infotainment system over other app categories. According to the development teams, the operating system would help automotive companies by simplifying its mandatory review process, allowing for better utilization of sensor data, and unlocking car feature management through the apps.

How vehicle companies can get the most out of Android Automotive Operating System

Building infotainment systems and apps for Android Automotive OS isn't that easy taking into account all challenges that occur while dealing with Google Automotive Services (GAS). Vehicle companies and car makers can help their app developers implement Android Automotive OS by providing them support. Consulting companies like Grape Up, proficient in delivering software solutions for automotive, empowers developers working for car makers, vehicle rental companies, and other auto enterprises to build their first android automotive apps.

While the new operating system is gaining recognition and is already used by Volvo and Polestar, automotive companies can provide end-users with additional car infotainment systems visible in Google Play Store between Google Maps, Twitter, Spotify, Google Assistant, and many more features.

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