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Music to my ears

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Music Music

Music, singing, and rhythm have been an integral part of human life since ancient times. Medical research has shown that music has an extremely positive effect on our bodies.


Music to my ears

Music, singing, and rhythm have been an integral part of human life since ancient times. Medical research has shown that music has an extremely positive effect on our bodies. It is also often used for therapeutic purposes to improve physical and mental health. It can also be used successfully in the treatment of high blood pressure, cardiovascular problems, and in the treatment of insomnia and depression. After a long and tiring day, it feels really good to come home and turn on your favorite music and enjoy its soothing and stress-relieving sounds. If we are in a bad mood or sad, a cheerful music can quickly cheer you up. And parties are unimaginable without music! We know a lot of different music styles, everyone can choose from the ones they like. According to research, classical music increases our zest for life, improves memory, romantic songs develop our creativity and create a sense of happiness, our dynamic heart rate accelerates, we gain strength, and meditation music calms and strengthens our immune system.

Speak the song out loud

Some like to listen to music out loud, some like more restrained rhythms. Whether you’re listening to music loudly or quieter, in both cases, the most important thing is to make the sound ideal. The quality of the sound determines the level of musical enjoyment. Try to get high-quality hi-fi and audio equipment to the best of your ability, because that’s the only way to get the most out of your music experience. In addition, it is also important to know the acoustic properties of the room where we listen to music. It is definitely recommended for acoustic treatment of walls and ceilings in order to eliminate unpleasant reflections. Echoes degrade the musical experience. By installing sound absorbing panels, sound-absorbing curtains and acoustic mats, we can eliminate such problems.

Follow your heart!

An American study looked at the effects of music on patients who had had a heart attack. The result speaks for itself! Listening to music for at least 30 minutes a day reduced the incidence of new heart attacks and the development of cardiovascular disease.

You can’t start early enough and it’s not worth stopping

The beneficial effects of music are already felt in fetuses developing in the womb. It also has a positive effect on their physical and mental development. It has become clear that music develops thinking as early as fetal, infant and young childhood. Surveys of primary school students have shown that listening to music makes learning more effective, with math grades improving by as much as 50%! There is an example to the contrary. In Japan, a much higher proportion of pregnant mothers living near a busy and noisy airport were born with a lower-than-average weight of babies or became premature. Studies show that learning and listening to music protects the brain from aging.

Goodbye pain!

Music reduces pain in case of injury or illness. It diverts our thoughts, reduces the stress caused by pain, creates a feeling of happiness.

Our pets also understand and feel the rhythm
Many keep pets in their homes, seeing them as family members, companions. Therefore, it is not the mental state of our pets that is a minor. Experts have found that animals also respond to music. Of the many musical styles, classical music has clearly become the finale. The mood of dogs and cats is favorably influenced by classical music. But it’s not just pets who love tunes. In one experiment, the cows gave more milk during the period when classical music was playing next to them.

We can see how indispensable music is in our daily lives. Listen to your favorite rhythms as often as possible and enjoy its amazing effects!

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