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Why should you choose Russian developers?

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dedicated software development team dedicated software development team

it is important to select a dedicated software development team for the project implementation.


Interest in Russian developers continues to grow amid the growing popularity of remote work. Therefore, companies try to find the best specialists at a reasonable price. And before us the whole world.

Russian programmers are often able to find non-standard solutions to problems thanks to the wide professional community and the exchange of experience in it. They have a good enough level of English to freely discuss technical aspects of the product with the client and within the team.

In addition to the quality of the development, Russian programmers are attracted by the price for work per hour. It ($ 25- $ 30) is two or even three times less than the price of local developers ($ 60- $ 90). This difference is due to the exchange rate.

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Developers from Russia have always been popular abroad and have occupied leading positions on foreign freelance sites. They are appreciated not only for the deepest professional training but also for their broad outlook: they know not only their specialty but also constantly educate themselves, develop in other disciplines.

The educational level of Russian developers is higher than that of competitors. There are simply no specialists in many areas in India. That is why, despite the financial availability of Indian developers, most of the world's leading companies are still developed by American or Russian developers. Apart from the United States, there is not a single country in the world that can compete with Russia in terms of quality development in the next five years.

Russian programmers have another important advantage - their readiness for irregular schedules. “An Englishman will never work on weekends or at night if you have“ everything went down, ”says Maria Iontseva, co-founder of the English startup Lobster. Lobster tried to hire both English developers ("four times more expensive") and Colombian ("terrible quality and complete lack of control"), but now all product development is in Moscow.

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