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Harden your online security with crypto vps

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Online security is a mixture of follow-up rules and actions to ensure cybercriminals do not compromise user's data and online privacy.



Some examples of frequently used online security measures include:

Anti-virus Software/Freeware: 

Antivirus software programs can be purchased or freely downloaded, providing safety to internet users. In addition, viruses and threats are blocked by some safety products, preventing them from affecting or getting access to your device. 

Two-Factor Authentication: 

Increasingly many companies and social media are offering a two-factor authentication which is the second layer of online security. Unfortunately, this means that more than one username and password will be required to log in to an account. Most organizations do this by sending a unique code to their users, which expires after some time, notifying them of any attempt to access their accounts.

Complex Password Entry: 

Social media platforms and websites allow you to have an account or offer a connection entry system. Unfortunately, due to advanced technology and sophistication of hacking software - websites require more complex passwords. They often need a combination of at least eight characters consisting of a capital letter, a number, and at least one special character.

Security Questions: 

When setting up a bank account or Bitcoin wallet, you will be asked to set security questions. These questions might be personal, and you should not share your answers with anyone. Even some social media platforms have also started using safety issues as a user identification method in recent years.

The types of online security listed above are just a fraction of the layers that online security plays in all of our lives each day.

When it comes to hardening online security, you should start with basics, which is how your online project is hosted. Virtual Private Servers are the best solution, especially if they accept crypto as a payment method. 

Virtual Private Server (VPS)

Virtual Private Server provides virtual hosting servers for your online projects, giving your users secure access. VPS makes it possible to increase security by delivering your business enough privacy to prevent people from stealing information or make changes to your server without your consent. In addition, in recent trends of home offices, your server can be available online to your employees without being bridged by a third party.

With VPS hosted workspace available on the internet, all employees can access the server and keep their data protected. This is the way to create a safe and secure server for your employees. So they can work together on different tasks and work conveniently from their homes without losing data, sensitive information, or putting protected data at risk.  

Virtual Private Server (VPS) for crypto-friendly customers

Bitcoin VPS Hosting: One of the new means of exchange trending today is a cryptocurrency, which transfers digitally through the internet in a more supervised and secure way. With the level of awareness of crypto, even virtual private servers are adopting the use of cryptocurrency. PRV anonymous VPS offers crypto-friendly VPS hosting servers hosted on a high class of hardware capable of hosting as many virtual machines as possible payable by crypto.

Online Security with Virtual Private Server (VPS)

With the ongoing pandemic situation globally, most employees are made to work from home to avoid the spread of diseases, with many businesses moving their transacting operations to new digital formats. Most businesses with sensitive information will not want it leaked. They will be adjusting their system to protect the information, giving employees a chance to work smoothly without being in the office.

In a hunt for better security, businesses need to implement the use of VPS into their IT infrastructure. This level of protection provides extra security and capacity required to carry out smooth operations in the organization operating in online space. 

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