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Effective measures for back-friendly work

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The home office trend

Not least the Corona pandemic has ensured that working from home in a self-furnished home office is now considered acceptable.


Innovative software solutions enable smooth collaboration, making it possible to work as a team in the home office.

An improved home office allowance and attractive solutions for claiming the furnishings against tax are enticing more and more employees and self-employed people to set up a home office every year.

Ergonomic aspects usually do not play a major role when furnishing a workroom for private purposes. It is therefore all the more important to upgrade the home office with ergonomic pieces, such as a standing desk.

This furniture strengthens your back

Gone are the days of sitting and staring at a screen. The question now is what furnishings you can use to make your home office ergonomic and thus enhance it. Ergonomically designed desks, chairs and seating as well as standing options, for example a height-adjustable standing desk, enhance your office just as much as height-adjustable screens, footrests or the FITSEAT WORKSTATION, which allows you to ride a bicycle at your desk. Officeplus.de supplies you with all ergonomic office furniture made in Germany with 10 years warranty. Tip from the editors: order today and test for 30 days without obligation!

How ergonomic office furniture affects your health

The benefits of an ergonomic computer workstation not only have a decisive effect on your physical well-being. A relaxed posture at the workstation makes you feel good and this also affects your productivity.

Health-wise, an ergonomic workstation in home office and business premises has an effect by preventing back pain and reducing already existing back pain. By maintaining an upright posture while working, a stressful curvature of the spine is prevented and your posture is generally improved.

A cramped posture caused by staring at a screen for several hours a day can lead to work-related overload. This can be prevented by an ergonomic workstation at the standing desk.

This is how you can eventually prevent stress-related joint diseases.

How to set up your ergonomic office

The ergonomic desk

You spend most of your time at your desk, because that is where your computer workstation is located. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the desk when furnishing.

It all starts with a height-adjustable desk, a standing desk. You can adjust it continuously to your body height.

Tip: With a memory switch, you can save up to four presettings and thus directly pre-program the right height for you.

The standing desk

But it doesn't have to be a desk with a full tabletop-a height-adjustable standing desk that can be placed mobile in the room with casters. Storage trays and reclining arm rests allow you to customize your standing desk.

The standing desk

If you need more space for your work, we recommend a standing desk. This is available at Officeplus.de both with and without table top. By means of power boxes and a configurable CPU holder, you can customize the standing desk according to your needs.

The ergonomic desk chair

Back-friendly work is promoted by standing up regularly, but a certain amount of time is also spent sitting down. Therefore, the selection of a suitable office chair is all the more important. An ergonomic desk chair scores not only with a height-adjustable seat, armrests and a neck support. An optimal model can also be used as a standing seat thanks to a large seat height variation.

This is how you take effective measures for back-friendly work.

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