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How Do We Measure Brain Activity?

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The human brain still hides many secrets, which is why research into its activity is constantly ongoing.


The currently available methods of research allow not only to detect various dangerous brain diseases, but also help develop innovative solutions.

Thanks to this, the human brain-computer interface is no longer pure science fiction, as it will appear in the near future, revolutionizing our daily lives. But before we get to that, it's worth having a brief look at the history of the evolution of brain activity measurements.

The evolution of brain activity measurements

While it might seem that the study of brain activity has emerged and developed in the last two decades, electroencephalography (EEG) originated all the way back in 1929, when Hans Berger made the first recording of the human brain's EEG signal. Since then, both electroencephalography and health care have advanced, so the methods of brain activity have also been improving.

Today, EEG tests are performed to determine many diseases and conditions, such as epilepsy, sleep disorders, the determination of coma or brain death. Interestingly, EEG testing is also able to diagnose poisoning by neurotoxic substances.

What possibilities does the future hold?

The potential of EEG research is virtually limitless, and it is being used today not only for research, but also for brain-computer interfaces (BCI). This will bring revolutionary solutions that will completely change our perception of cyberspace and the world around us. Brain-computer interfaces will be a savior for paralyzed or disabled people, who will be able to return to their old life.

The EEG method is completely non-invasive, unlike electronic implants. It is precisely because of its non-invasiveness that it could revolutionize the technology market. A great example of this is the innovative company

Why should you be interested in EEG?

EEG technology can serve many different purposes, which is why there is now a growing interest in it. The ability to control devices using brain waves is something that until a short while ago remained exclusively in the domain of science fiction. Today it turns out that this future has already arrived. If you are interested in this topic, you can find more info on EEG kits here.


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