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CBD capsules - a source of pro-healthy phytocannabinoids

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CBD capsules CBD capsules

Phytocannabinoids are the name of a type of terpenophenolic compound produced by plants of the genus Cannabis, of which more than 90 have been identified so far. The main phytocannabinoids present in the highest concentrations are: THC, CBD, CBN, CBC and CBG.

To this day, scientists are unable to determine why the plants produce the above-mentioned cannabinoids, but most believe that they are used for protective purposes, e.g. against insects or bacteria, as well as atmospheric factors such as UV radiation and drought. On the basis of this we can be sure that by using preparations based on these plants, they are free from pesticides and herbicides usually used during cultivation as they are simply unnecessary. The most important, best researched and most potent compound (except THC) is of course CBD, whose therapeutic properties affect a wide range of receptors found in the body and brain. Preparations containing CBD in the environment of the full spectrum of other phytocannabinoids, with proven health-promoting properties, which we can legally acquire, include CBD oils, CBD capsules, as well as such forms as CBD honey, CBD chocolate or even CBD jelly beans or drinks containing CBD. It should be noted that the range of products containing cannabinoids is constantly growing and soon everyone interested will be able to buy the preparation in a form convenient for themselves.

Why should you choose CBD capsules?

The source of the full spectrum of phytochemicals, including mainly CBD, are vegan CBD capsules. Their advantage is the possibility of precise application of a specific dose per milligram, which we cannot say for example about a preparation in the form of oil, where a dropper is not a 100% precise dosing device. People with excessive taste sensitivity will not feel the astringent, spicy taste of the oil, as CBD capsules are basically tasteless. The ease of application, convenience and speed of application is another big plus for busy people who, while leading a busy, fast lifestyle, often forget about the daily dose. One pack of CBD in this form, when using one tablet a day, is sufficient for the whole month. The capsule casing is made of HMPC cellulose, it is a 100% vegetable product, not containing gelatin. This makes it fully suitable for use by vegans and vegetarians. The only disadvantage associated with the use of CBD capsule is its lower absorbability than CBD hemp oil, applied under the tongue. This is due to the fact that the capsule is delivered directly to the digestive system, where it is first broken down by the digestive tract and digestive enzymes, which means that the time before the effect appears is slightly longer. However, this does not change the fact that the assimilability of CBD from the capsules is still at a sufficiently high level for their use to be effective, especially when used as a supplement.

Hemp oil in capsules - advantages of use

CBD capsules, as a source of pro-healthy phytocannabinoids naturally occurring in hemp plants, have a number of proven healing properties to improve the condition of the body. The presence of all phytocannabinoids contained in the capsules makes them interact and complement each other in a full spectrum.

CBD or cannabidiol, not showing psychoactive properties, influencing the endocannabinoid system has analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects. It works well in cases of chronic pain and chronic inflammation. Moreover, it reduces the risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes and prevents insulin resistance. Thanks to its antipsychotic properties, CBD has a positive effect on the body in case of anxiety disorders, depression and psychosis. It is also helpful in combating various types of cancer, skeletal and neurodegenerative diseases.

THC has antiemetic properties that regulate metabolism, and thanks to the presence of CBD, its psycho-activity is significantly reduced and its analgesic effect is increased.

CBD capsules containing CBN, known as cannabinol, have a very strong calming effect, so its presence in hemp preparations can be helpful in treating neuroses and insomnia. According to scientists, it can stimulate the appetite in people with anorexia. Studies from 2003 also show its strong analgesic effect. It turns out to be interesting that CBN together with THC as the only cannabinoids, relieve pain by loosening blood vessels and releasing endorphins.

CBC, or cannabichromene, has analgesic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Currently, research is being conducted on potential properties in the context of brain cell regeneration.

CBG (cannabigerol) also has an antibacterial and relaxing effect, which may be helpful in relieving neurosis and anxiety. Moreover, CBG, according to the latest research, stimulates bone and brain cell development.


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